For placement hosts

Delivering talented candidates to your organisation. GradEmployNI will improve your inclusiveness and level the playing field for motivated young disabled people.

What is GradEmployNI?

GradEmployNI is a pioneering employment programme that matches disabled students who have graduated in the last three years to career opportunities with organisations in Northern Ireland.

By becoming a partner, you'll get the opportunity to host a disabled graduate on their 14-week placements starting on 14 March 2022. Graduates will be paid the National Living Wage however we will reimburse you their wage.

Your organisation will also be offered a high quality, bespoke, onsite disability awareness training and support package. This will be invaluable to ensure your organisation is as inclusive as possible and is an environment that empowers disabled people.

Why get involved?

  • Access to a pool of talented high-calibre candidates that you may not reach through traditional selection recruitment processes.
  • Leonard Cheshire will fully reimburse you to pay the Living Wage to your graduate.
  • Participating in GradEmploy NI can help you to be recognised as Disability Confident Committed.
  • Access to high quality, bespoke, onsite disability awareness training and support for your organisation.
  • Become a more inclusive environment that empowers all people with disabilities in your organisation to feel supported in their work.
  • Send a positive signal to your employees that you’re an inclusive and supportive employer.