Education in India

Our education resource centre in Serampore helps disabled children and young adults, their families, and teachers access educational information, support and resources.

Staff at the resource centres provide support, guidance and motivation for parents, disabled children and community members to ensure that disabled children are included in mainstream schools and in the wider community.

Project highlights

  • The project has prepared a kit containing teaching learning materials including tactile alphabets, numbers, artificial fruits and vegetables, buttoning boards etc. These have been distributed to local schools. Teachers love the materials, saying they make learning easier and more effective.
  • Through the project, parents of disabled children have formed self-advocacy groups so that they can take up the issues faced by their children with schools, teachers, community members and government.
  • The project has increased the visibility of the Cheshire homes, which has enhanced their ability to influence local and national initiatives relating to disability. For example, the Cheshire Home was actively involved in the consultative processes related to the new Disability Bill in Calcutta, hosting two local consultations.