Gloucestershire House resident Paula Merriman and occupational therapist Harriet Gallagher try out the new sensory room

Types of care we provide

Who do we support?

We are a quality provider that strives to lead the field in giving person-centred care and support people with a wide range of disabilities. These include physical disabilities and long-term neurological conditions such as, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, brain injuries and Motor Neurone, Parkinson’s and Huntingdon’s Disease.

We also support people with varying needs due to learning disabilities such as Downs and Prader-Willi Syndrome, as well as conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy.

What care do we provide?

We have various care homes across the UK. These include residential services for both physical disabilities and learning disabilities and also residential nursing services for more complex needs.

We work closely with you to make sure individual needs are met. Our aim is to deliver a service of reablement and skills building to support you to live more independently. We provide care and support service to meet individual needs for those with learning disabilities in line with the right support, right care, right culture guidance.

Type of support available

Residential care

Our highly skilled professional support teams are trained to deliver specialist care and have significant experience with:

  • Occupational and physiotherapy.
  • Intricate medication regimes.
  • Tissue viability management.
  • Complex epilepsy management.
  • Step down and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Internal and external activities promoting health and wellbeing.

Care with nursing

Alongside our high quality level of care, our highly trained and registered nurse teams deliver specialist care and have significant experience with:

  • Complex congenital conditions.
  • Choking and dysphagia prevention and response.
  • CPAP management.
  • Enteral feeding.
  • Complex medication regimes.
  • Tracheostomy.

Learning Disability residential care

Our professional support teams are highly skilled and trained to deliver specialist care such as:

  • Intricate medication regimes.
  • Complex epilepsy management.
  • Positive behaviour support.
  • Transition toward independent living.
  • Support to engage with the local community.

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We have services across the UK. Providing the best possible care to the people who live in our services is always our priority.

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Resident and carer laughing together

Supported living

Our supported living services support people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, sensory impairments and learning disabilities to live independently in their own home.

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