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Community support in Flintshire

The Community Services Initiative provides a wide range of support services for adults and children with disabilities living in Flintshire.

Our services are aimed at people who need support to achieve their goals, but do not necessarily meet the threshold of having formal support plans from social care services.

We provide a range of services tailored to the needs of each individual. We’ll start by talking to you about what you need and you want to achieve, and then work with you to build a support plan that reflects what matters to you.

Who is eligible for support?

  • Any adult or children with support needs who lives in Flintshire is eligible to use our services.
  • You do not have to have a formal diagnosis of disability to access our services.
  • You can still access our services if you are already receiving formal care and support from your local authority.

What support do you provide?

We can support with things like:

  • Financial management – such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP) applications, benefits advice, managing bills and budgeting.
  • Self-care – working with you to identify your needs, interests and goals.
  • Mobility equipment – providing impartial information and advice on the latest equipment and technology.
  • Mental health and well-being – reducing isolation or loneliness, and linking you to local groups and activities or therapy sessions.
  • Managing pain and discomfort – support with long-term condition management and building coping strategies.
  • Building digital skills – helping you to stay connected and make the most of the latest in digital technology.
  • Community engagement – for example travel training, accessing food banks, or picking up prescriptions.

Making a referral

If you’d like to access our services, please make a referral using our contact details below or download our Word document form. You can self-refer, or anyone can make a referral on your behalf (such as a GP, family member, friend or carer).