How to write your Will face-to-face with a solicitor

We have partnered with the National Free Wills Network to provide you with an in person written will with a local SRA regulated solicitor.

How does it work?

  1. Complete the form below to request your free Will pack.
  2. Our trusted partners the National Free Wills Network will send you the names, addresses and contact details of at least two local firms of participating solicitors.
  3. Contact your chosen local solicitor to book your appointment, remembering to inform them that you are using the National Free Wills Network scheme through Leonard Cheshire.
  4. Attend your appointment remembering to take along your letter and declaration form. 
  5. Complete your Will with your chosen solicitor. 
  6. Your solicitor Will invoice the National Free Will Service directly at the special rate which Will be settled by Leonard Cheshire.

Please note: Leonard Cheshire pay a special rate to write your simple Will and there is no cost to you. However, if your Will is more complicated you may be required to pay additional costs. This Will be agreed between you and the solicitor beforehand, so you won’t suddenly face an unexpected bill. 

Next steps

Fill in the form below and we'll send you your information pack. 

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We’d like to keep you updated about our work and how we support disabled people to live, learn and work as independently as they choose.

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For specific details on how we may use your data, please read our full privacy notice. You can update or remove your personal details any time by contacting us by email at or by calling us on 0300 303 0074.

We will be passing your information on to the National Free Wills Network to enable them to administer this scheme and to send you your information pack. Neither Leonard Cheshire or the National Free Wills Network will share your data with any other organisation for any other purpose.

What you need to know

This service is available to people aged 18 or over who live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Leonard Cheshire pays a special rate for a local solicitor to write your simple Will at no cost to you.

There is no obligation to leave a gift to us but, as well as including friends and family in your Will, you can ensure disabled people are not forgotten by leaving a gift in your Will to Leonard Cheshire.

All appointments with a solicitor Will be conducted in a Covid-safe way and in line with government guidelines.

To administer this scheme we Will be passing your information on to the National Free Wills Network.

‘It's individuals that change the world, it's not governments’ - Leonard Cheshire, VC OM

What will your name stand for?

Many people include a gift in their will to Leonard Cheshire while they are using this service. There is no obligation to do so, but we do hope you’ll consider it to ensure disabled people are not forgotten.

Remember, any gift, large or small, can help support disabled people to gain qualifications, find a job and live as independently as possible. 

Your generosity will have a direct impact on the lives of disabled people for generations to come. 

Make something good happen in your name.

Why is it important to make a Will?

A Will ensures your wishes will be carried out exactly as you want. If you do not have a valid Will your estate may be distributed according to intestacy rules and this may not be what you had in mind.

In your Will, you choose who you wish to provide for and how, including how any dependents such as children and pets, are looked after following your death.

If you live with a partner you’re not married to, even if you have children together,  they cannot inherit anything from your estate or you from theirs, unless you make your wishes known in a Will. If you die without a Will, your estate Will go to your blood relatives, and nothing to your partner.