Two girls sitting outside school smiling at each other.


Children with disabilities around the world are often denied an education - a basic human right.

Factors like poverty, inaccessible transport and myths and misconceptions about disability means many children are missing out on an education. Girls with disabilities in particular face even more barriers when accessing education due to gender-based discrimination.

Our inclusive education projects in Africa and Asia aim to remove these barriers. We give children with disabilities the tailored, individual support they need to attend school, and train teachers on inclusive approaches.

What we do

We work closely with teachers to help reach children with disabilities within communities. And we maximise the potential of assistive technology to support children in class and make learning more accessible.

Our programmes aim to challenge stigma and discrimination within education systems around the world. We aim to continuously learn about the barriers young people with disabilities face when accessing education. And use our research to develop new ways to overcome those barriers.

Working in partnership with communities, schools and agencies like UNESCO, UNGEI and the World Bank, we’re working towards a world where education is gender-responsive and disability inclusive.

Our education projects